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Fountain artists are already well known in the art world for their pioneering styles. Now, we’re making these artists accessible to everyone, in ways that won't cost the earth.

Why collect digital art?

What makes Fountain different?

No hype

Fountain artists already have significant exhibition histories and international provenance.

Planet friendly

Powered by environmentally-sound Tezos, Fountain has an exceptionally low carbon footprint.

Invite only

Art selections are made by a curatorial panel with over 25 years of professional art gallery experience.

Jargon free

From NFTs to blockchains we look after the technical stuff so you can just enjoy your collection.

Investment ready

Guaranteed high-quality artworks from internationally-renowned artists.

Show anywhere

Show your collection anywhere from mobile devices and TVs to large-scale screens and more.  

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Fountain makes collecting digital art accessible – and simple. Easily discover, buy and enjoy world-class digital artworks from well-respected artists.

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What makes digital art collectable?

It starts with the art, not the medium. While we love all forms of art, including traditional painting and sculpture, digital art often embraces cutting-edge technology to ask interesting questions relevant about the time we live in, while allowing us to experience something visually new. So, while digital art may never replace traditional forms of art altogether, it certainly opens up so many more exciting new possibilities.

What is an NFT and how do blockchains work?

NFT is a terrible acronym from something quite simple. A Non-Fungible Token is simply a digital certificate of ownership that leaves a permanent record in a decentralised digital ledger, that no individual can alter or change without permission. Basically, it’s proof that you own the artwork.

Do I need cryptocurrency?

You can pay for your artwork with Bitcoin and Ethereum, or by traditional methods like credit card. While Fountain artworks are always editioned as NFTs on a secure blockchain (in our case eco-friendlier Tezos), we’ll do that bit at our end. You simply pay by crypto or credit card, and we’ll give you access to your digital art even if you don't have a crypto wallet yet. In time, it may be worth exploring having your own wallet though.

Is digital art good for the planet?

Digital artworks minted on the Tezos blockchain are not reliant on large amounts of energy for their creation, anymore than say, watching a Netflix series would. The controversy you’ve heard about is the energy used to edition, buy, or sell the artwork on blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Not all blockchains use the same energy, and relatively speaking, Tezos uses about 1.5 million times less energy than Ethereum by comparison.

How do I buy, store and view my digital art?

One of the greatest benefits of collecting digital art is there are very few storage issues (you can use anything from a USB stick to cloud storage) when compared to paintings and sculpture, for example. They’re practically maintenance free. Don't need to be insured. And won't get damaged when the grandkids or flatmates play baseball in the living room. Yet they can be displayed beautifully on TVs, your mobile devices, and digital frames, for example.

Isn't digital art just a fad?

Digital art has been around for decades; it has simply changed as technology progresses. Now, with the dawn of newer opportunities like Virtual Reality, new spaces like the metaverse, and a new generation of artists who are digital natives, we think digital art is ready to take its rightful place in art history forever. Sure, there will be issues to work through as this momentum starts rolling – but the emphasis here at Fountain is on selecting significant art and artists who already make a meaningful contribution to the cultural conversations of today.